General Information

Wednesday Red Folder

It is no secret that involvement from parents is a key factor in the success of students.  Every Wednesday, teachers will prepare a red communication folder, with an evaluation for each student on discipline and academics, along with a monthly and/or weekly newsletter of upcoming events, projects, and assignments.


All students receive homework.  It is the expectation that homework be completed at home or during ASAP, to prepare for the next school day.  All students receive assignment notebooks to assist them in keeping track of their assignments.  Parents are expected to check the assignment notebook daily and check with their child to ensure homework is being finished.

Progress Reports, Report Cards, & Conferences

Progress reports are sent home in the Red Folder half way through each academic quarter.  Report cards are given out at the end of each quarter.

Parents are required to attend Parent / Teacher Conferences twice a year:  in November at the end of first quarter and in March / April at the end of third quarter.

Reporting Student Absences

Parents should call BGCS or BGMS between 7:30 - 8:00 a.m. each day a student is absent.

If a parent has not called the school regarding an absence:

  • The student must bring a parent signed note and report to the office when they return.
  • The note must include the date/s and the reason for the absence.

School Closings

During inclement weather BGCS and BGMS will close when the Milwaukee Public Schools close.

Watch the news or listen to the radio, WKTI, WMYX, AM 620, WTMJ, Channel 4 (NBC), 6 (FOX), 12 (ABC), 58 (CBS).

Inspection of Student Lockers and Desks

School administrators and teachers have the authority to inspect student lockers and / or desk at anytime without parent or student permission.  Lockers and desks assigned to students are not private property or under exclusive possession by the student.  Lockers and desks may be opened and inspected by school authorities at any time.

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