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Upcoming New Arrivals @ Your Libraries

Books, Books, and More Books @ Your Libraries!

Cat Breed Guide: A Complete Reference to Your Purr-Fect Best Friend
Dear Sweet Pea
Dog Driven
Dory Fantasmagory: Tiny Tough
Eclipse Chaser: Science in the Moon's Shadow
Epic Athletes: LeBron James
Exploring Media and Government
The Forty Thieves: Marjana’s Tale
The Great Tomb Robbery
Indian No More
Into the Blizzard: Heroism at Sea During the Great Blizzard of 1978 [The Young Readers Adaptation]
Lily the Thief
Lizzie Demands a Seat!: Elizabeth Jennings Fights for Streetcar Rights
Look Both Ways: A Tale Told in Ten Blocks
Look Out! A Storm!
Make Games with Circuits: 4D an Augmented Reading Experience
Mighty Moe: The True Story of a Thirteen-Year-Old Women's Running Revolutionary
The Moose of Ewenki
Nature's Ninja: Animals with Spectacular Skills